Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jesus in the Himalayas - Discovery Channel documentary

Jesus in the Himalayas

The gospels are silent about the life of Jesus between his boyhood visit to the Jerusalem Temple with his parents, and the beginning of his public ministry at the age of thirty" admits a recent Newsweek article. Peter Jennings, when asked by Larry King about the "lost years" admitted that "there are many who think he was in India." As creator and host of several Discovery Network adventure specials filmed on-location and broadcast worldwide, Jeff's most recent adventure explores the myths and legends about the "lost years" of Jesus. Setting out with a camera crew to retrace the ancient caravan routes of the time, Jeff traverses the Himalayas by foot, camel and raft to investigate the truth behind the amazing legend of Jesus in the Himalayas.

This documentary is now available for order on DVD from the following website:

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