Sunday, May 11, 2008

"He will do what I didn't do!!"

“He will do what I didn’t do!!” For a long time, I’ve been wondering what could be that thing which he didn’t do and which would be worth doing today. Well, he didn’t tell everyone where he was going after crucifixion. He was a condemned man. It is very natural that, in case he survived crucifixion, he would want to keep his whereabouts as secret as possible, telling only his closest friends and disciples perhaps, that’s all.

That’s what should be told today to the whole world. Where he went!!! Because, if they knew, their attitude would be different. If today’s christians were to know where Jesus went after surviving crucifixion, a lot of things would be different for them. The whole concept of resurrection, in Christian theology, would have to be revised, if not abolished. It would be replaced by a notion which is more in line with what Jesus taught himself: reincarnation and Karma.

Most devout representatives of the church will always strongly defend the resurrection story because they believe it is crucial to the faith of Christians. Today, many devout Christians say the resurrection is essential to the faith of the people. They say that if there was no resurrection, then Jesus is not divine and needs not have a host of followers like he does today. For me, this is the most foolish statement I’ve ever heard. Jesus often said that people needed signs to believe….They need miracles in order to have faith. But what if humanity decided to mature a bit and realise that faith can also be spontaneous. That someone who went through all this suffering to prove to mankind his goodwill has nothing to prove anymore. Miracles touch the imagination of people, not their heart. You need more than miracles to touch people’s heart. You need love. And this is something that Jesus has always showered so generously on the whole of humanity. And he still is!!

The world needs to mature a bit, to become adults finally and recognize the good that has been done to them and be grateful. Don’t think that Jesus is an ordinary being. You would be making a very serious mistake. The mistake lies in your eye sight? Correct that mistake in your eye sight and then, you will see Jesus in all his splendour…..And you don’t need a resurrection for that!!

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