Sunday, July 13, 2008

Jesus in the Himalayas

This is a 9 minutes rendition of a one hour documentary aired on Discovery Channel produced by Ian Cross and Bini Adams, with Jeff Salz as presentator, entitled Jesus in the Himalayas (2001) and tracing the path taken by Jesus during his lifetime to travel across India, into the Himalayas. Anthropologist Jeff Salz retraces the journey allegedly made by Jesus, from the Indian foothills along mountain passes as high as 17,000 feet, rafting down rivers towards the Tibetan border, following the trade routes of the biblical era.

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Icha said...

Thank you. Once again, thank you. I think you have truly done a lot of works here... and I agree with you: Jesus was, and still IS, a great Man. Irrespective of whether He truly died on the cross or not, His teachings are truly universal.