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Did Jesus want to start a new religion?

Every scholar who decides to follow Jesus in his journey through Asia and study his life –From Palestine to Egypt, to Afghanistan, into India and Tibet- would quickly realize that Jesus, while teaching, was not just addressing people of Hebrew origin or Jews like himself; he was actually addressing every human being who came to listen to what he had to say and that includes people of all religions, of all races, of all colours …..

My own study of great spiritual teachers like Jesus, like Siddhartha Gautama, like Sathya Sai Baba, has made me realize that enlightened teachers do not think in term of ‘mine’ and ‘theirs’, but always in term of ‘ours’…meaning that over and above their own condition, they are more concerned with the good of humanity and the world as a whole, not just with part of humanity, for those who claim they are Hindus, Christians, Muslims or Buddhists…etc……Becoming enlightened, for me, means becoming aware of one’s true nature…That one is not just associated with the physical body which serves as one’s vehicle everywhere in life, but that one is also –and more importantly- part of the universal body of God…..People who are stuck with the issue ‘This is Mine, this is My religion, this is My culture….’ are actually still far from having understood the truth that Jesus came to teach us two thousand years ago…This is just petty-mindedness and it is clear that Jesus wanted us to evolve from that kind of mentality.

To support this idea, I will now refer to someone that I’ve just discovered recently. His name is Daniel Meurois-Givaudan. He is a French writer, now established in Quebec where he continues to work tirelessly with spreading his own knowledge of Jesus’ life and teachings. How does he know Jesus? Not just through the study of scriptures like we do, but he also has a special talent. In his early twenties, he once had an authentic out-of-body experience…. He discovered that he could actually leave his physical body and explore time and space……This is how he managed to rediscover his own past lives and his own relationship with the being we know as Jesus. I’ll bring more information on Daniel in articles to come….But if you want to know more about him, you can start reading here.

This is how Daniel would answer the present issue I am dealing with now. In one of his conferences in 2004, entitled ‘The first teachings of Christ’, this is what he had to say on the subject. I will quote three extracts from this conference which sum up what I’ve just stated here.

I Crucifixion and Post-Crucifixion message of Christ

Jesus studied and practised a certain number of disciplines, not only in Palestine in the midst of the Essene Brotherhood of Carmel, but also in Egypt, in India, in the Himalayas. In fact, when he was 14 years of age, as soon as he left Carmel Mount and that all the religious formalities were completed, he went on a first journey by boat to the south of Great Britain, in Cornwall with his uncle Joseph of Arimathea, during about a year and a half. There, he familiarized himself with the Celtic culture and assimilated it.

Then, he went through Egypt, made a great trip by the route which brought him into India where he lived many years. He went through Tibet where he also lived many years. We have stayed with Anne Givaudan and other people as well in a monastery of the Himalayas in 1981, and we were lucky (because we had a beautiful letter of reference from a very great Lama) to sleep in the cell of a Lama, and while discussing with the chiefs of this monastery, they certified that they had manuscripts written and signed by the hands of Jesus himself, proving that he had stayed in Ladhak for several years. It is not the same monastery as we can find today because it’s been rebuilt, but it’s the same ecclesiastical order. Therefore, there are indeed traces of his passage, that he has not only taught there, but that he was also taught there. We will come back to what he has assimilated during that period of his life.

Then he stayed in India for several years, more precisely in the city of Puri, which is on the coast of Bengal, in the south of Calcutta. We can even say that he did his first serious preach there, because he taught a lot in the midst of the Brahmins, but he went even further than their freedom of conscience would allow them, which means that, at a certain period, the Indian society, which was very strongly structured on the basis of caste, wanted to eliminate Jesus; there has been an attempt on his life which he avoided just in time.

According to what he had told us himself –because sometimes, he also spoke to us, while we were together, of aspects of his life-, this attempt on his life has been extremely formative for him because it taught him that he had not come to do a work that should have political implications. Indeed he had tried to intervene in the Indian society to break the caste system there. We can note that two thousand years later, the same thing was tried by Gandhi and he has been killed.

It is as from this moment, Jesus told us, that he decided to keep things straight and to focus his mission essentially on the mystic aspect, even if it had some revolutionary aspects which would have some real repercussions on society.

II Did Jesus die on the cross?

As we explained in The way of the Essenes, Jesus did not die on the cross. There has been clinical death or N.D.E, but his return to life was nevertheless due to a complicity between certain factions of the Brothers of Heliopolis and certain Romans who agreed to pierce his side - but not the heart as some have claimed- in order to release the pleural liquid so that he can continue to breathe.

Indeed, crucified men would not die of their wounds but of suffocation. People thus believed that he had died but he had rather sunk in a coma. In the Gospels, one wants to make us believe that Jesus had lost so much blood that there was only water running out of his body… but that is false, the wounds did not bleed to this extent, and the water which came out of his body was the pleural liquid.

It must be noted that during the first centuries of Christianity, Christ was never represented crucified; he was shown in all his glory, only the finality of his work was shown, not the suffering, which was very different in term of thought. But, when he started being shown on the cross, he was shown, not with a wound on his heart, but on his left side as we can still see with a number of statues of Jesus on the cross.

Well then, as far as I can say, he survived from his wounds, but the aim was to make believe that he had died so that he could be removed as fast as possible from the cross. Now, it is clear that, to succeed, this also demanded a lot of his own capacity of regeneration, in the hours and the days that followed, to regain a lot of his strength. On the other hand, he also received help from the Essene healers.

All this did not take place like a plot; we simply wanted to save him because we thought that he shouldn’t die like this and that if he had a chance, it shouldn’t be missed. Indeed the crucifixion situation took place at a very high and mysterious level, but we soon realized, under the impulsion of Joseph of Arimathea, that we could not prevent this idea of resurrection which corresponded to the archetype that was very deeply rooted in the conscience of humanity.

In fact, during the first hours, we could argue as much as we can with people saying that he has not died, that he had simply regenerated and that we could see him, we quickly realized that people did not want to believe us, because for them, he had to be resurrected, it had to match with the great Osiris myth. If we consider all the great avatars of Vishnou, we will note that most of them had a death with resurrection. This happens because it is a model in the subconscious mind of humanity.

Therefore we realized that it was futile to try to explain the truth and that, finally, it would do a lot of good to people to believe that this resurrection on the physical level did indeed take place. It is possible that Jesus would have been capable of regenerating by himself completely, I am not saying otherwise, or trying to diminish his capacities, but the fact is that it took place like I just described.

I had the delightful joy of being there when he came out of the tomb, and then, he had to be literally charged on a horse because he was very much weakened, but if he managed to survive, it was essentially due to his yogic regenerating powers. Then, he continued to re-oxigenate himself for some few weeks, after that, there was that famous meeting at Emaus with Thomas, and many other apostles, and myself with them. He continued to give us his teachings and explained to us why it was useless to fight against this idea of resurrection. He also gave us guidance for the work to come, and repeating that there was no religion to create….because here, we were beginning to see that with such a great death, it would give an impulse to his message. It’s often the death of a great being that give the impetus to his message because it literally prints it in the collective conscience and gives a dynamic to his message.

At this moment, we saw that what we have worked for three years, even more for some, was beginning to bear fruits in an incredible manner, because so many things started being said about Jesus, and there were people who added things on top of that, pretending that they had saw Jesus coming out of the tomb and rise to heaven, etc….people became delirious in many ways. Even among those who were at his side and who respected him, there were some who were telling stories, to give more strength to the message they believed in. Some pretended they had seen him, touched him and even assisted to his resurrection and ascension, etc…

We try to stop that, but it eventually gave birth to many small schools of thought, which later gave birth to some gospels which we would qualify as apocryphal today.

Nevertheless, during that time, Jesus practically gave each one of us, a direction and saw to it that we kept that way and warning us not to transform his sensibility and thought into a religion. On this aspect, we have to admit that we failed completely….but I also think that it was inevitable and I am persuaded that, as far as possible, he tried to guide us in another way.

(Note that Daniel was called Simon at the time of Jesus and that he was from an Essene family, and from the age of 6, was placed in the monastery at Carmel where he received the initiation and formation as a healer.)

III The foundation of Christ revolution

We will now see the major foundation of the teachings of Master Jesus. I have to say that he was not the first to elaborate on this teaching on Earth. 1500 years before him, the Pharaoh Akhenaten had also set the basis of this teaching in the collective conscience or in the collective subconscious mind.

Akhenaten started with the basis that there is only one God and that there was no need for any priest to communicate with this unique divinity, that each of us had the capacity to plunge directly into the divine, that each of us had access to the One whom, personally, I call the Big Boss!

But this idea has been further explained and with stronger force by Master Jesus, and we can even say that it’s the fundamental idea in his teachings: “Address yourself directly to your Father, you need no temple or priest!”….and he said this while respecting the temples and the priests, but his principle is that we all had, each and every one of us, access to the divine. It was a revolutionary idea and this is what disturbed the Pharisees who feared that they would lose their power if people learned that they could address themselves directly to God without going through the priest. It was the whole social edifice which was being shaken.

However the aim of Master Jesus was not to shake the society at that level but to send each one of us to his own self, by saying: “You are beautiful, noble, great and true enough to have inside access to the Father without having to go through someone else. Now, if you don’t feel ready, not strong enough, you can still turn to someone or go to pray in a temple, but the real temple is inside of you.”

Here, he was putting his finger on something which is really not well understood today by us, the human beings. He was putting his finger on the fact that there is fundamentally no difference between God and us. Of course, he did not say so to the mass because he would not have been understood, and it would have ended badly for him. But in the small circles of initiates who had the possibility to come closer to him, he compared each of us to the cell of a human being.

On this subject, we have the impression sometimes that we’ve discovered this notion of cell in modern time, but it existed since the earliest Antiquity, certain Greeks even spoke of the notion of atom, this is to say that the notion of the infinitely small has already existed on Earth for a very long time.

Master Jesus compared each one of us to a cell belonging to the Great Body that we could call God, and he said that we were not outside God, we were part of His Body, He is inside of us and we are inside of Him, there is no separation, no frontier. When we speak of God, we are already placing a boundary in between Him and us, meaning that we place him outside our conscience.

Master Jesus said that we, as incarnated humans, when we consider one of our cells, are in fact behaving just like God when He addresses to one of his own creatures, and the work of God through each of His own creatures is a work on Himself to make each of his own cells conscious of itself and conscious of being part of a Great Body called God.

And what is requested from us as human beings is the deification of every cell of our body (physical, ethereal, emotional, mental, etc…). What we should not do is to create division, fractures at all level of our being, of our reality. We should recreate the marriage between the subtle and the dense, between the divine and the human incarnated.”

(Extract from the 2004 seminary in Quebec entitled ‘The first teachings of Christ’)

This whole process of rediscovering the life and teachings of Jesus should therefore lead man to realize he needs to raise himself above this tribal mentality so common today in between people of the world, above this notion of ‘my religion’ v/s ‘your religion’, or even the idea of ‘superior’ and ‘inferior’ religions because truly, religion is merely the product of our human mind while spiritual enlightenment should in fact be the real focus in our evolution. What Jesus brought to us is wisdom, and wisdom can come from anywhere and from anyone; it doesn't have to be only from someone of my own race or religion; wisdom is universal...And Jesus is a universal master!


Anonymous said...

Very interesting how accurately the Bible anticipated the cookoos coming out of the woodwork, making claims by "authorities" such as dubious kings and priests and anthropologists that Jesus was other than whom He claimed to be in the Bible. Consider the sources in this bibliography: most are Muslim "scholars" who are highly paid by the Saudis to discredit the deity of Christ - all their ideas have been shown to be flawed, but who reads beyond the fluff? It is popular to defeat the incumbent, so just assume that the Bible was corrupted, as these sword-wielding Islamists would have you believe.
Salz is not an anthroplogist - he is just an American loser who saw an opportunity tgo capitalize on an eternal issue - like one of the Roman soldiers who gambles for Jesus' robe at the cross. Tch! Tch!
Considering the sources, I say you folks will be better off keeping our $$ instead of buying their trash.
NOTE: NO evidence presented in Salz so-called doumentary; only a bunch of hokum like "respected scholar" (no scholarship presented), "I believe" (who cares - you're not an expert), "heard of similarities" (is this evidence?), "fundamentalist ... Christians" (that's it! a popular target group to gain fame by attacking them), "I early imagined" (wow! very scientific basis for the next one), "I am sure" (what an imagination!). CAUTION: Jesus said that you will all likewise perish if you do not believe He is who He says He is - God the Creator! Your choise for eternityt: Salz (and the other anti-Christian clowns) or Jesus? You decide - You are accountable!

Neel said...

Salz doesn't consider himself "anti-christian", nor does Daniel Meurois, nor do I! I never said that Jesus was not what he claimed to be....You should read my post a bit better! I think Jesus was exactly what he claimed to be! It's just with the interpretation of his words that you and I differ in view!

You don't believe me when I tell you that Christianity as you know it has been a political tool for a very long time...You have to do your own research instead of trusting what the priests tell you word for word!!

I know that I will perish! Everybody will one day! Nothing new in that!! You should not read my blog if the content bothers you!